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Rotten Pomegranates with Ferret

Glass beaded vintage foam pomegranates displayed on a plate with a ferret, lily bouquet and wasp nest in the background.

In the 16th and 17th centuries ferrets were a popular image representing  sexual symbolism and fertility in still life paintings.  Taking inspiration form the Flemish painter Jan Pauwel Gillemans the Elder (1618 - 1675) Still Life with Fruit, a Parrot, and Polecat Ferrets; the ferret in this image also represents fertility and life by choosing to smell the fresh lily flowers and turning its back to the rotting decaying fruit. 


The geometric hexagons of the wasps nest symbolize in some cultures universal coherence, in which everything is linked together in a harmonious frequency with life's flow in an interconnected universe.  The still life image shown here conveys the idea that like the rotting fruit our energy will too be distributed throughout the universe giving life to another form through the inevitable aging and death we all must face.

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